greek gigante beans with tomatoes, dill and oregano :: by radish*rose

greek-style gigante beans in tomato dill oregano sauce

These creamy white giant beans in a rich tomato dill oregano sauce are simply begging for a crust of hearty bread to swipe up the tomatoey goodness. Have you ever had these as a meze (small plate) in a Greek restaurant? I always order them when I see them, and I was excited to try making them at home. Gigante beans are aptly named – they are so gigantic that just one bean will practically cover up your spoon! This recipe does take a while, but no step is difficult, and if you’ve got a lazy Sunday afternoon to make this, your home will smell amazing. It’s the kind of dish that is delicious right away, but gets even better over the next couple of days as the flavors and richness have a chance to blend. It’s also worth mentioning for my vegan readers that this dish is naturally vegan. I made this with Royal Corona Beans from Rancho Gordo, my favorite source for heirloom beans. Check them out!

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roasted chickpea cauliflower tacos with cilantro garlic yogurt sauce :: by radish*rose

roasted chickpea and cauliflower tacos with cilantro garlic yogurt sauce

Healthy vegetarian tacos without cheese! Wait, what? How? Lightly pickled red onions, cilantro garlic yogurt sauce, creamy avocado, and crunchy roasted chickpeas with caramelized cauliflower guarantee these tacos have a lot of texture and flavor without tons of fat and calories. These are extra-approved by my husband! He was thrilled with them. We’ll definitely be making these again soon! Continue reading

roasted baby carrots with sticky pomegranate glaze :: by radish*rose

simple roasted carrots with sticky pomegranate glaze

If you’ve got a sad and lonely bag of baby carrots sitting in your fridge, pull them out and make this roasted carrot dish now! You will be pleasantly surprised if you’ve never roasted carrots before. Roasting concentrates their natural sugars and flavor and they’re very different from raw or steamed carrots. I often just eat baby carrots raw, but it turns out they are not just a healthy snack. They are also a healthy side dish! This recipe calls for pomegranate molasses, which is a wonderful ingredient to have on hand if you like to make Middle Eastern dishes. It is basically pomegranate juice that has been reduced way down so it’s thick and sticky, and you can even make your own (but I bought mine). But if you don’t have any, the original recipe from Food52 says you can use balsamic vinegar, which is a bit more likely to be in your kitchen already. Just don’t use regular molasses – it’s too strong for this dish.

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slow cooker white bean cassoulet :: by radish*rose

vegetarian slow cooker white bean cassoulet

I realized I didn’t blog on Sunday as usual because I was busy cooking. Too busy cooking to blog about cooking? I hoped that you would forgive me. Especially because of new and delicious things to share! Like this easy-peasy vegetarian slow cooker white bean cassoulet. Usually cassoulet has a mix of meats in it, but this is a lovely guilt-free and healthy version that simmers all day, smelling delicious all the while. So put this together and then go out and live your life, and come home to something comforting and warm on a chilly spring day! That’s what we’re having in New York City, so comfort is needed. Continue reading

simple roasted artichokes :: by radish*rose

simple roasted artichokes

Springtime means artichokes! I happen to love them, and they’re super good for you when not soaked in butter or sauce. Here is a way to prepare them in which they are perfectly delicious alone – no need for melted butter, dipping sauce, stuffing, or hiding them in a rich dip with spinach and mayonnaise! (Although that is a nice treat, too.) Artichokes are full of fiber – 7g per artichoke – and they are also rich in Vitamin C and magnesium. Thanks to the folks at America’s Test Kitchen for this technique! I had previously only had steamed or boiled artichokes, but roasting is my new favorite thing. Continue reading

spicy vegan slow cooker tortilla soup :: by radish*rose

spicy vegan slow cooker tortilla soup

Since my husband and I have been on our quest to consume fewer animal products, my slow cooker has had a little vacation. I was used to making meat-based roasts, stews and curries and it took a little while to find my way into veggie territory. I was determined, though, because you can’t beat the convenience of the slow cooker. I expected to find beans, beans, and nothing but beans! And while slow-cooked beans are indeed delightful, it turns out there is a whole world of delicious vegetarian and vegan slow cooking to play with, and it’s not brown and mushy as one might fear, but colorful and intensely flavored. This tortilla soup will make your whole home smell so smoky, spicy and delicious that you will hardly be able to wait to eat it. Get some really nice multi-grain tortilla chips to serve with it. My husband and I aren’t really vegan, so we had regular low-fat sour cream as a topping, but if you’re keeping it animal-free, just use vegan sour cream or skip it. Continue reading