savory quinoa with toasted almonds and dried cranberries :: by radish*rose

savory quinoa with toasted almonds and dried cranberries

I was pretty thrilled with myself for figuring out how to make plain quinoa. But then I tried this recipe from my good friend Melissa at Fun Fit Chic and I realized there is so much more you can do with it! You probably know quinoa is a superfood containing complete proteins, but did you know just one-half cup of quinoa has 14 g protein and 6 g fiber? So if you’re trying to eat fewer animal products, it’s a great way to get plant-based protein while thinking you are eating a fluffy bowl of carbs. Teehee. I love that. Continue reading

spinach lemon pasta with toasted almonds

Want a super easy way to get your greens and whole grains in? This spinach-lemon pasta comes together so quickly, yet is an elegant way to enjoy healthy spinach, almonds, and whole wheat pasta. I really like the Barilla Plus pasta, which not only includes whole grains, but also 17g of protein per serving. And it’s delicious! I have made this vegetarian recipe for years and it even makes my carnivorous mother happy. Continue reading

addictive avocado and lemon kale salad :: by radish*rose

addictive avocado-lemon kale salad

So, apparently kale becomes a different thing altogether, and much more likable, if you *massage* it.  Really.  (I am sure the same could be said of certain people, self included.)

The avocado becomes the dressing, so you don’t need much oil.  If there’s an unsuspecting, uncertain-about-kale person around, you should give them the job of doing the  massaging.  Just put everything in the bowl, tell your friend to wash their hands and massage the salad. This is what will happen:

Friend (dubious expression): Really?

You: Really.  Just rub the avocado into the kale.  OK?  (turn away and become busy with another very important kitchen task)

Friend (massaging away): Um, OK… Hey, this is fun.  Oh… my hands are all avocado-y.  (turns towards kitchen sink, licks fingers on the way) – YUMMMM!!  OMG. Wait, what did you say was in this??

You: *secret smirk* Continue reading