perfectly poached eggs on lemony avocado toast :: by radish*rose

perfectly poached eggs on lemony avocado toast

I love the moment when you break a perfectly poached egg open and the gooey warm yolk spills all over everything. Especially a crunchy piece of toast with lemony avocado spread. Yay! Moment of egg happiness! However, until now I’ve been sadly limited in my poached-egg consumption because the technique of poaching eggs has eluded me. Somehow I always ended up with an overcooked egg bomb with no gooey yolk in sight, or an undercooked icky blob. Yet I wanted to learn, because a poached egg or two is such a great way to add a delicious little package of protein to your otherwise veggie- or grain-based meals, any time of day. Finally, Martha Rose Shulman’s technique in The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking: Templates and Lessons for Making Delicious Meatless Meals Every Day showed me the way to a fully cooked white with still slightly gooey yolk. I was so thrilled when it worked! I may even have done a happy egg dance.  And if I can poach an egg, so can you – better get your own happy egg dance ready! Continue reading