vegan palak paneer :: by radish*rose

vegan palak paneer

Do you love curry spinach with cheese cubes at Indian restaurants (palak paneer) but wonder just a little about the amount of butter and cheese involved, given its obvious deliciousness? Me too. Or maybe you avoid animal products. Either way, isn’t it great that Mark Bittman has our backs? Here’s a healthy version of palak “paneer” using tofu, with only a little oil. You will not miss the butter and cheese! Continue reading

thai-style curry mussels :: by radish*rose

thai-style curry coconut mussels with lime and spinach

Love Thai food?  Me too!  The combination of curry, coconut, and lime used in many Southeast Asian dishes is so addictive.  Thanks to Thai curry paste, which is readily available (I got mine from Whole Foods), you can recreate the flavors at home without too much fuss.  And one of the wonderful things about steaming mussels is that a delicious broth is created once the mussels open up and add their juices to the broth base. I like to serve this dish with jasmine rice because once you have finished the mussels, you can stir rice into the broth (which also has greens in it), and eat it like a soup.  And you’ll want to.  It’s so good! Continue reading