slow cooked vaquero beans with onion, garlic, and oregano :: by radish*rose

slow-cooked vaquero beans with onion, garlic, and oregano

Did you know you can use the slow cooker to turn dried beans into perfectly cooked beany goodness?  No pre-soaking necessary!  Really: ANY BEANS.  That being said, the best dried beans come from Rancho Gordo.  (Also they have awesome popcorn if you want to make this.) I used their Vaquero beans for this recipe (aren’t they cool looking?) and honestly every single bean in that bag is so good. Yum!  Also… bonus side effect… your home will smell really good as these beans are cooking.  (And how to put this delicately… your home can continue to smell good thanks to the geniuses at Beano. Check it out. Thank me later.) Continue reading