roasted baby carrots with sticky pomegranate glaze :: by radish*rose

simple roasted carrots with sticky pomegranate glaze

If you’ve got a sad and lonely bag of baby carrots sitting in your fridge, pull them out and make this roasted carrot dish now! You will be pleasantly surprised if you’ve never roasted carrots before. Roasting concentrates their natural sugars and flavor and they’re very different from raw or steamed carrots. I often just eat baby carrots raw, but it turns out they are not just a healthy snack. They are also a healthy side dish! This recipe calls for pomegranate molasses, which is a wonderful ingredient to have on hand if you like to make Middle Eastern dishes. It is basically pomegranate juice that has been reduced way down so it’s thick and sticky, and you can even make your own (but I bought mine). But if you don’t have any, the original recipe from Food52 says you can use balsamic vinegar, which is a bit more likely to be in your kitchen already. Just don’t use regular molasses – it’s too strong for this dish.

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