cauliflower mash with parmesan, garlic and butter :: by radish*rose

cauliflower mash with parmesan, garlic, and butter

Fluffy, buttery, cheesy goodness with no carbs?! What?! I had heard rumors about this magical rainbow unicorn situation and finally decided to try it for myself. I am thoroughly delighted with the results, and you will be too. It is 15 minutes to easy cheesy goodness! Yes, there is some butter, but let’s face it, if you had made mashed potatoes you would be eating at least this much butter and probably more (and it makes a LOT so you will not be eating the whole thing yourself in one sitting… we tried.. it doesn’t seem possible). Does it taste like cauliflower? Yes, a little bit, but not overwhelmingly. You will almost believe it’s mashed potatoes, really! I may bust this out at Thanksgiving. Hmmm *tenting fingers*. Continue reading