all natural microwave popcorn :: by radish*rose

all natural microwave popcorn with olive oil and sea salt

Here is a mind-blowing fact: all popcorn is microwave popcorn.  They haven’t done anything magical to the popcorn to make it pop in the microwave.  IT’S THE BAG.  I know, right?!???  So you don’t need all that other stuff that’s in the pre-made kind. You can just get good old fashioned plain unpopped popcorn and microwave it yourself with whatever flavors you like. And then ask yourself, “Why was I buying microwave popcorn like a fool?”  That’s right.  A fool. Don’t feel bad, it happened to me too.

Here is what you need:

1/4 c. unpopped plain popcorn

Spray olive oil (you can use store-bought like the Filippo Berio pictured below or you can use a Misto filled with whatever olive oil you like)

Fine sea salt

A brown paper lunch bag (really)

all natural popcorn with olive oil and sea salt ingredients :: by radish*rose
all natural popcorn with olive oil and sea salt ingredients :: by radish*rose

Put your popcorn in the paper bag.  Spray lightly with the olive oil.  Sprinkle in some sea salt. Fold over the top 1/2″, then 1/2″ more (fold the corners over additionally if you like, so your popcorn doesn’t escape all over). Shake it all around to distribute the oil and salt. Microwave it on the popcorn setting and as usual, listen and stop it when the popping slows down so the little guys don’t burn. Now, remove and dump in a bowl, spraying with more olive oil and adding more sea salt (or whatever seasonings you like on your popcorn) to taste. NOM NOM NOM. It’s OK, you can make a second batch when this is gone.


If you like butter flavored popcorn, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter makes a non-butter, but buttery-tasting, spray. It is obviously not as all-natural as olive oil but if you need that buttery flavor to consider it to be proper popcorn, it’s for you. You can add as much or as little as you like, and I usually find 3-4 sprays to be enough.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle the finished popcorn with anything you like. I particularly like moroccan seasoning or Kettle Korn seasoning.  But really… whatever.  You are the artiste.

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