moroccan-spiced chickpeas and spaghetti squash :: by radish*rose

moroccan-spiced chickpeas and spaghetti squash

If I’m ever stumped on what to do with a mysterious vegetable, there are a few places I turn for inspiration, and Smitten Kitchen is one of them. I am such a fangirl! I was looking for a spaghetti squash recipe that didn’t pretend the squash was something else, like actual spaghetti, since Mom sprang that one on me as a kid and I haven’t been the same since (sorry, Mom!).  My beloved SK delivered a lovely recipe and here is my spin on Smitten Kitchen’s Moroccan-Spiced Spaghetti Squash.  She suggests adding chickpeas if you want to bulk it up, so I did, since more veg-based protein is this girl’s best friend, and who doesn’t love a chickpea?  We devour this with a few other veg-based dishes for a highly satisfactory dinner. Continue reading