baked eggs with pesto and parmesan :: by radish*rose

baked eggs with pesto and parmesan

Want to impress your friends (or just yourself) with a fun and glamorous brunch dish, such as a perfectly cooked egg nestled in a little cup with a hint of basil, garlic, and parmesan? Secretly, it’s super duper easy. Presentation is easy since hello, ramekins!  Those are little dishes that can go in the oven – you’ll need one per egg. Don’t worry, ramekins aren’t a one-use wonder – you can use them for all sorts of things since they can double as a small container for pretty much anything. Also, I had never made anything in a water bath before – and I’m here to testify it’s a lot easier than it seems. It’s a method used to make custards and puddings as well – it protects the little guys from dry heat that might be too harsh for their delicate and small contents – and it was perfectly easy. Continue reading