shrimp scampi :: by radish*rose

shrimp scampi with white wine, garlic, and oregano

Shall we dine at Oceana tonight? Or maybe instead we could make a lovely shrimp scampi from School of Fish, the new cookbook by Oceana’s executive chef, Ben Pollinger. Garlic, white wine, oregano, and a touch of butter make it sooo delicious. And even though it sounds fancy, it’s easy to replicate at home. Serve it with some warm, crusty bread or fluffy couscous to take advantage of the scampi sauce, and a big green salad. And since you’ve got the white wine open already, why not enjoy the rest with dinner? That’s what I call the good life! Continue reading

three days in paris

Well hello there!  Or should I say Bonjour? In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been: PARIS. Also London. Lucky me!! This is a bit of a departure (pun intended) from my usual posts but you’ll see, THERE’S FOOD.

radish*rose and mr. rose at eiffel tower!
radish*rose and mr. rose at eiffel tower!

My husband had business in London, so we decided to add on a few days of fun, and took the EuroStar train from London to Paris – only two and half hours away.  We stayed at the Hotel Chopin, which is an utterly charming and very reasonable boutique hotel located in a shopping arcade. The only potential issue was that it is SO charming and old fashioned that there is no air conditioning, although there are large, beautiful windows to open (screenless). The weather was unseasonably cool during our visit, so this was not a problem, although I was a bit worried beforehand since I know it can get quite hot there. Also: pigeons could totally fly in. But that didn’t happen. They just cooed around adorably outside. Continue reading