east-west caviar appetizer :: by radish*rose

east-west caviar bites

Those little orange bubbles are salmon roe caviar, which you may have had before on top of sushi rolls.  Each bubble is a burst of salty, fishy goodness!  A small container is not very expensive at the Japanese or Asian market (I paid $4.50 for enough to make 20 crackers).  The trick is to rush it home, well-chilled if possible (my shop provides free ice, but you could also bring your own cooler, or buy some frozen items and make sure they’re in the same bag).  When you get home, put it directly in the fridge, then eat it the same day.  I’ve borrowed from the Russians to create this fun East-West fusion appetizer.   And IT’S SO EASY. Impress your guests, or just yourself!

Let me explain what I mean by borrowing from the Russians: A Russian way to eat caviar is on blini (buckwheat crepes) with sour cream, red onion, and diced hard cooked egg. We had this in a restaurant and loved it. Inspired, but knowing making blini is an involved process, I came up with sesame rice crackers, sour cream, and chopped green onion.  If you feel like sprinkling on some finely-diced hard-cooked egg too, by all means. It’s swell!


Ingredients for a nice plateful of crackers:

1/10 lb. fresh salmon roe caviar – in case you’re not too sure what 1/10 lb. looks like, the contents would have filled perhaps a shot glass and a half

~20 sesame-flavored rice crackers (or whatever flavor you like – I used KA-ME rice crackers, in the red package) – you may need more or fewer depending on how far your salmon roe goes and how much you put on each cracker

Sliced green onion

Reduced-fat sour cream

Optional: ground black pepper

Equipment: A pretty plate or platter


Stir your sour cream well so it’s nice and smooth. Spread a small spoonful (like 1/2 tsp) of sour cream on each cracker. Sprinkle each with sliced green onions. Top each with a small dollop of caviar. If you like, grind some fresh black pepper over the tops. DONE! I told you it was easy. Admire and eat!

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