tamari butter tempeh with shredded brussels sprouts :: by radish*rose

tamari butter tempeh with shredded brussels sprouts

There is something magical about the combination of butter and soy sauce. I didn’t even make this up – the New York Times agrees with me. It’s kind of an East-West flavor bomb. So when I found a recipe in Heidi Swanson’s Near and Far cookbook featuring butter, soy, and tempeh, I had to try it! Crispy shredded brussels sprouts finish the dish. You can serve it over rice or just eat it up! I prefer the strong flavor of tamari in this dish instead of soy sauce, but you can try it and decide for yourself. Did I mention that this is an extremely quick dish to make? Perfect for your Meatless Monday.

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scallops with tomatoes and tamari baked in a packet :: by radish*rose

spicy saucy scallops with tomatoes and tamari, baked in a packet

Scallops are cute round delicious seafood. Need I say more? Well OK. Here is a scallop primer for total beginners (because I was one, too). There are lots of places giving detailed tips on purchasing scallops, so definitely Google it for more deets, but here are my quick tips.

Get DRY scallops.  This means they are not soaked in brine or water, which is a cheapo way of keeping them preserved, AND increases their weight so you pay more for less. Disapprove.

There are SEA scallops and BAY scallops.  Bay scallops are freshwater, sea scallops are seawater, so sea scallops are naturally saltier. Keep this in mind when seasoning your food.

Get the big ones (size of a poker chip or larger), not the tiny ones (size of a pencil eraser). They are different types, and my research said the tiny ones can be rubbery. It seems most recipes are for the big ones anyway.

Rinse them well. They can be gritty. And obviously like any seafood, make them right away once you buy them!

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addictive avocado and lemon kale salad :: by radish*rose

addictive avocado-lemon kale salad

So, apparently kale becomes a different thing altogether, and much more likable, if you *massage* it.  Really.  (I am sure the same could be said of certain people, self included.)

The avocado becomes the dressing, so you don’t need much oil.  If there’s an unsuspecting, uncertain-about-kale person around, you should give them the job of doing the  massaging.  Just put everything in the bowl, tell your friend to wash their hands and massage the salad. This is what will happen:

Friend (dubious expression): Really?

You: Really.  Just rub the avocado into the kale.  OK?  (turn away and become busy with another very important kitchen task)

Friend (massaging away): Um, OK… Hey, this is fun.  Oh… my hands are all avocado-y.  (turns towards kitchen sink, licks fingers on the way) – YUMMMM!!  OMG. Wait, what did you say was in this??

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